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Matt's life as a musician started at age 8 , playing many years from his late teens onwards within the rock cover scene of Sydney. Since Matt's move to Orange NSW in 2014, he has become an integral part of the music scene in the Central West of NSW, performing regularly at venues across the region. Matt's soulful voice, skilful guitar playing and his ability to captivate an audience is what sets him apart from the crowd.

2018 was an exciting year for Matt as he proudly released his first solo album, "On Their Shoulders", with Rolling Wheel Studios. An album filled with acoustic covers of some of his favourite artists, including Keb Mo, Van Morrison & Bill Withers. A unique album of stunning production value, with many fans and critics praising Matt's rendition of the tracks.

At the beginning of 2020, Matt was all set to embark on a classic album tour of the Beatles "Rubber Soul" album with three other members of the Rolling Wheel Family - Pat O'Donnell, Andy O'Donnell and Dave Egan. They had been rehearsing extensively and were eager to take their show on the road. Unfortunately, the onset of the Pandemic put a quick end to their plans. Although the news was disappointing, it gave Matt time to reflect and re-evaluate his career. He came to the realisation that playing covers was not his true passion; he wanted to focus on his original music. While the Pandemic was difficult for everyone, it has ultimately been a blessing in disguise for Matt and his career.

2023 will see the release of Matt's first original album "Then and Now". An album of engrossing and intriguing songs reflecting on Matt's past and present. The combination of Matt's extensive experience and the skilful production of the album at Rolling Wheel is sure to make it a must have for anyone who loves guitar and captivating songs.

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